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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Bottle Branch? What is a Bottle Branch?

In some places, a “crick” can be another name for a creek. In other places, “branch” can be another name for a small stream. The stream which ran behind my childhood home was called Bottle Branch. I spent hours playing in there, swinging on rope swings, hunting for crayfish, and chasing a single elusive bullfrog. Of those three things, the swings are the only thing I know for certain existed.The hours spent at Bottle Branch were filled with wonder, possibility and deep connection to the natural world – just the sort of connection and inspiration I hope to bring to you with this Bottle Branch.

Do you do custom orders? 

Custom orders of existing designs and images are sometimes possible, depending on size and scope. Send us an email, and we'll let you know if your project may be possible. Because all the artwork is created using homegrown garden flowers, we are not able to take specific flower requests for flowers not currently available in our shop or image archive. However, we are always curious about which plants and flowers you would like to see on Bottle Branch products and use your preferences to help plan for future collections. We welcome your ideas and even solicit them periodically via instagram and our newsletter.

Do you sell wholesale? 

Yes! We love partnering with retailers - please visit our wholesale page for all the details. 

The plants looks like they’re popping off the page! How do you make the images look so 3-D? 

All the artwork is based on photography of real, fresh plants, and includes the shadows they cast. These small and subtle shadows make the plants appear to lift off the page - look carefully and you will see them! 

Your garden must be beautiful! Do you ever give tours? 

My garden is smaller than you would think and while filled with many beautiful plants, it’s not a showcase. You can take a peek here, here and here but no tours are planned for now. 

Do you teach workshops? 

Elizabeth does a limited number of speaking engagements per year, including presentations on photography and gardening. Visit for more info. 

How big is your company? Who is on your team? 

Bottle Branch is small but mighty, consisting of: Elizabeth - founder, artist, and chief creative officer Mary - Fulfillment manager, chief note writer and voice of reasonTemporary Team members have included included students Julia, Caroline, Charlotte, and Meghan.

Can you tell me more about some of your sustainable practices at Bottle Branch?

At Bottle Branch we view sustainability as a process and we are always working towards more sustainable practices and products, including working with local New England based printers, eliminating plastic or using certified home-compostable plastics, and re-using absolutely everything possible. You can read some of our sustainability practice updates here.

Can you tell me a little more about your charitable commitment? Who are some of of the organizations you have supported? 

Each year since 2018, we’ve donated 15% of profits to to protect plants and the environments where they grow through donations to Native Plant Trust, Grow Native Mass, Speak for the Trees, Nature Roots Farm Foundations, Homegrown National Park.  We believe in giving back to protect the earth that sustains all of us, including our little business. You can read some of our annual updates on charitable giving here. (Link to Blog tag)