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About Bottle Branch

Elegant & Playful Botanical Photography

Fresh home-grown plants and flowers, captured with a camera.
Our artful products bring the beauty of nature to everyday life,
connecting people to plants and to one another.
Located in Boston, Massachusetts

Environmental Values

In addition to celebrating plants and flowers, we are also committed to cultivating a sense of responsibility to the earth, through both charitable giving and environmentally responsible practices.

Every Bottle Branch product features real plants, grown organically in a home garden or on a local flower farm, but responsible sourcing of plants isn’t enough, so we also donate 15% of all profits to protect plants and the environments where they grow.

We also aim to keep our ecological footprint small by using sustainable materials and practices. We are constantly evaluating and improving our processes and products to create items that are beautiful, special, and environmentally responsible.

We hope these small steps will not only help reduce our own carbon footprint but also inspire others to help care for the earth.

sustainably created designed with real plants 15% of profits donated

The Creative Process

Bottle Branch botanical images start with real plants and flowers, fresh from the garden. Working in her Massachusetts studio, artist Elizabeth Hammond Pyle arranges all the tiny details of leaves, flowers, stems on a white board, and photographs them using a DSLR camera and natural light.

Through careful consideration of each plant’s natural form, she captures the essence of plants in their abundant colors and varieties, and evokes their wild garden settings.

campanoula flower

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle

About the Artist

Elizabeth studied biology as an undergraduate, botany as a graduate student, and worked for fifteen years doing scientific research.

Through hours spent in the field, she learned to look closely at plants and flowers, collecting specimens and identifying them by their distinctive leaf shapes, elegant branching patterns, delicate flower structures. Her art teacher mother taught her everything she knows about color and design.

She believes in the power of knowing and caring for plants and the places they grow. She delights in seeing a beloved flower connect people to one another across distance and time - granddaughter to grandmother, friend to friend, child to parent.

She works and gardens in Newton Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, children, and one small dog.